Thankful Giveaway

Definition of thankful

1: conscious of benefit received : for what we are about to receive make us truly thankful

And how THANKFUL I am this first day of March, 2021!

I have definitely fallen behind on my posts these last couple of weeks, but there is really good reason. It’s because of you, but in the BEST way!

There was never an intention for this blog to be a confessional. The foundation was built around the crumbling of my marriage, that is true. I am not sure I can every truly unpack the luggage fully. What I do know is all of you have allowed me into your hearts and screens. You have shared your stories with me privately and publicly, you have encouraged me to keep the conversation going. So I shall.

I am so honored that you trust me to guide you. I may not have a PhD in medicine, but I’m getting one in life. And I am incredibly grateful for that. I am grateful for the turbulent, beautiful, heartbreaking and yes joyous moments I have had. Forever grateful.

There isn’t truly a way to express my gratitude other than through my words. HOWEVER, what I can do is share my absolute favorite things that keep me healthy, both physically and mentally.

As a THANK YOU to my readers I am doing a giveaway of my MUST haves. And I’m truly talking about items and services that are implemented into my life; for body, soul & beauty! Leave a comment below or on my Instagram and I will pick at random.

Need a facial, a healthy meal plan? Maybe my favorite read?

Good luck & Cheers!

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