SILENCE si·​lence | \ ˈsī-lən(t)s  

“If you don’t want anyone to find out, don’t do it.” – Chinese proverb.

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Definition of silence

1forbearance from speech or noiseMUTENESSoften used interjectionally

Walked through the weekend with more determination and more drive than ever.

I will continue to use this platform to help others. This is for you and for me. I am determined.

You are healing, and that terrifies them. Do not be silent.

They are terrified because you have found your voice. You have found your courage. Please hear this; they are scared. You were once weak, and now you are not.

Could they have ever expected you to break so many times yet put yourself back together? I promise you they did not. Trauma silences you.

Life is not about who you “once were.”

It’s about recognizing the potential you can be.

We suffer more in the imagination and fantasy rather than reality.

You can overcome everything that was meant to destroy you; I promise you can. Maybe not today, next month, or even next year. But you will.

I am thankful for the heavy words thrown at me for using my voice. Frankly, I expected them.

The woman and my then-husband are beyond reproach. They broke me. And they broke me knowingly and with no remorse.

So the words received to “silence” me, well, they empowered me.

This is my reality, not my imagination. What was done to me was a nightmare; everyone involved knows that. And now, having a platform to help others is something I do not take for granted.

I have proven to myself just how strong I am.

I have never felt so beautifully strong as I do now.

This is gloriously intense. I hope you love yourself enough to recognize the things about your life, relationships, and job that do not serve you.

Then I pray you find the courage to change them. You are strong.

I will leave you with this: “The truth doesn’t cost you anything, but a lie can cost you everything.”

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