How Many Goats Do I have to kiss?

Trusting love again is terrifying.

Falling in love again


Country living with our angora goats

Eleakis & Elder

I must admit, this Country Life, well it doesn’t suck. I’m used to being rammed by Oreo’s big ol head when he’s mad at me, typically when I stop the forehead rubs.

I am very cognizant of not using this platform to discuss AW, for now at least. Keeping our life private is sacred to me. I do however love all the new experiences I’m having and he 100% supports me sharing them with you.

I never thought I could ever be more than 5 miles away from my family, I suppose Covid has brought me a few new lenses. And truth be told it was my hang-up, not theirs. But a quick jaunt down Hwy 50 and I am back to the Motherland.

Angora Goats

The first time I came up to the property it was covered in bright purple thistle. I was nervous as hell though we had been speaking for weeks, hours and hours at a time. (Finding a man who can talk as much as I do, blessing or a curse?) I don’t even really know what the butterflies were about, but I knew I was truly, truly ready to see where this relationship could go.

We had gotten to know each other pretty quickly. I mean let us be frank, do you want to waste your time at my age? Say what you mean, mean what you say. And for the love of God another first responder, what was I thinking?

Dating in your late 40’s?  My attention span wasn’t so great, or maybe I should just call it my radar. Been through too much. Throw in my new home in the U.K, no children to raise, ready to explore the world, that takes a secure man. Would he REALLY understand I’m a flight risk? Both figuratively and literally?

I digress, let me go back to that incredible day.

As I made my way through his private gate, I saw more than gorgeous scenery. The National Flag of Scotland, our American Flag and a Don’t Tread proudly waving on his massive fireman’s flag pole at the top of his 600 ft driveway.

I mean COME ON, I thought I was being punked. And don’t get me started with all the instruments he plays, INCLUDING BAGPIPES.

A handful of months later he was playing The Braes of Lochiel.  Romance is not dead.

Thank you 2020.


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