From 40’s to 50 with Grit and Grace

From 40’s to 50 with Grit and Grace: A Decade of Lessons, Love, and Looking Ahead











Hello lovely friends!

As the sun literally set on the first day of my 50s yesterday, I found myself standing at the threshold of a new decade.

I had just finished giving Fiona and Hector their evening scratches and smooches. My evening routine of collecting another dozen or so eggs from my beautiful hens is complete.

With my husband’s fingers intertwined in one hand, and his insanely delicious dirty martini he made me in the other, we settle in for the night. Caoihme and Angus are at my feet and The Little Mermaid (I mean, it’s my birthday after all!) is blasting in surround sound.

A perfect day ended with an equally perfect night.

Can you believe it? I’m stepping into the big 5-0.  Though I celebrated earlier this year – this feels different.

Buh-bye 40’s!

The Rollercoaster Ride of a Decade

This past 10 years has been a whirlwind, hasn’t it?

From my early 40s full of intense hope and unadulterated trust to my mid-40s drowning in betrayal and unwarranted self-loathing. A rollercoaster indeed.

And I wouldn’t change the past decade for all the nacho cheese the world can produce.

But then the final years rolled in, culminating in moments like this – moments I’ll cherish forever.

The Early 40’s Decade. That Alison.

I remember it well, a naive Alison. A hopeful Alison. A trusting Alison.

Dozens of trips with family and friends. Running a very successful event design company. It was a whirlwind of joy!

I was surrounded by people I believed were my partners, confidants, and soulmates in life.

I brimmed with optimism and happiness.

I placed faith in others to not harm me.

I believed in the goodness of people.

Those Intense Mid-40s and The Betrayal Bounce Back.

If I could find a better synonym for “intense” I would insert it here. But I don’t.

Regardless, hell yes, I bounced back from betrayal like a cat landing on its feet.


We’ve all got that bounce-back magic in our DNA and a whole lot of courage! I just didn’t know it at the time.

The Climatic Close of my 40’s – Perfection.

From Edinburgh to Northern California and beyond; oh and then walked in AW.

Solo travels around the world, throughout California and the Pacific Northwest, to scrumptious moments hand-in-hand with AW through the streets of Scotland, oh the tales of travel.

Every moment of solitude under the stars taught me to relish my own company and honor my inner strength. Pulling my R-pod with Caoihme by my side, and challenging myself to continue this confidence journey are chapters I continue to write.

Each mile on the road, each flight, reaffirmed that my greatest journey is the ongoing voyage into self-acceptance. It’s deepened my self-understanding. These moments have taught me to reaffirm my faith that there is so much beauty in this world yet to be discovered. Both internally and externally.

The ebb and flow spent amidst nature, whether on a mountain peak or a misty ocean morning, whispered lessons of patience, growth, and unwavering self-worth.

Also, instances where I could reflect on one of my biggest roles, as a Mom and Step-Mom. Daily digging inward for strength as my daughter fights her biggest health battle to date.

Had I not opened myself to learn more, do more, and BE more I’d be somewhere else. I’d be someone else.

I would not have been able to accept and open myself up to a new love.


A Decade Behind Me: The Greatest Lesson Learnt

Strength in Vulnerability: My Unforeseen Armor

In the decade of 40 and dance of life, I’ve discovered that vulnerability isn’t the fragile state many perceive it to be; rather, it’s a profound strength.

Thank you my beautiful friends for teaching me just that.

It’s in those moments of raw openness that I found the courage to embrace my scars, learn from past mistakes, and genuinely connect with the world around me.

Vulnerability pushed me to share my stories, however painful, and in return, I was met with waves of compassion, love, and shared wisdom from countless souls!

It taught me that there’s power in letting our guard down, in showing our true selves, stretch marks and all!

This unforeseen armor, this strength in vulnerability, has been one of the most transformative realizations of my journey, giving me the freedom to be unabashedly, unapologetically me.

Shaken, not stirred.

Final Thoughts: Stepping into the Golden 50s with Gusto

So, as I step into day 1 of my 50th trip around the sun – I want to raise a toast to every scar, every tear, every laugh line, and every lesson the 40s have gifted me.

Here’s to the 50s – the next chapter I have manifested.

Until next time, keep your martini dirty, and your spirits high, and may your days be as kickass as Ariel’s last note in ‘Part of Your World!’

Cheers to new beginnings! 🍾

With all my love,

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