You may or may not know I don’t cook.

Like, ever.


But that changed last year as I was preparing to get in the best shape of my life for surgery.

Ever since I started making my own Almond Milk at home, I have been on a severe kick to find and/or create recipes for using said almond milk!

These are dairy-free, gluten-free, and DELICIOUS.

We devoured them and, more importantly, had a blast baking together.

I also decided to make some bite-size cakes, which came out delicious.

But it’s much easier to pop two, three, or even five in your mouth!


1/2 cup oats

1/2 banana (older the better!)

1 egg (fresh from my chicks 🐥

1/4 cup milk of choice (I used homemade almond milk)

Pinch of sea salt (or regular will do)

1/4 tsp baking soda

DF Mini Chocolate chips

1 tbsp maple syrup


  1. Add all ingredients (sans chocolate chips) to a blender (I use my Ninja!)
  2. Pour mixture into a ramekin cupcake tin (lightly greased)
  3. Mix in choc chips
  4. Bake at 350F for 20-25 ish minutes.
  5. Get in your belly!


🍌If you’re not a fan of bananas, try a puree!

Pumpkin Puree, Sweet Potato, or Apple Sauce.



From 40’s to 50 with Grit and Grace

From 40’s to 50 with Grit and Grace: A Decade of Lessons, Love, and Looking Ahead











Hello lovely friends!

As the sun literally set on the first day of my 50s yesterday, I found myself standing at the threshold of a new decade.

I had just finished giving Fiona and Hector their evening scratches and smooches. My evening routine of collecting another dozen or so eggs from my beautiful hens is complete.

With my husband’s fingers intertwined in one hand, and his insanely delicious dirty martini he made me in the other, we settle in for the night. Caoihme and Angus are at my feet and The Little Mermaid (I mean, it’s my birthday after all!) is blasting in surround sound.

A perfect day ended with an equally perfect night.

Can you believe it? I’m stepping into the big 5-0.  Though I celebrated earlier this year – this feels different.

Buh-bye 40’s!

The Rollercoaster Ride of a Decade

This past 10 years has been a whirlwind, hasn’t it?

From my early 40s full of intense hope and unadulterated trust to my mid-40s drowning in betrayal and unwarranted self-loathing. A rollercoaster indeed.

And I wouldn’t change the past decade for all the nacho cheese the world can produce.

But then the final years rolled in, culminating in moments like this – moments I’ll cherish forever.

The Early 40’s Decade. That Alison.

I remember it well, a naive Alison. A hopeful Alison. A trusting Alison.

Dozens of trips with family and friends. Running a very successful event design company. It was a whirlwind of joy!

I was surrounded by people I believed were my partners, confidants, and soulmates in life.

I brimmed with optimism and happiness.

I placed faith in others to not harm me.

I believed in the goodness of people.

Those Intense Mid-40s and The Betrayal Bounce Back.

If I could find a better synonym for “intense” I would insert it here. But I don’t.

Regardless, hell yes, I bounced back from betrayal like a cat landing on its feet.


We’ve all got that bounce-back magic in our DNA and a whole lot of courage! I just didn’t know it at the time.

The Climatic Close of my 40’s – Perfection.

From Edinburgh to Northern California and beyond; oh and then walked in AW.

Solo travels around the world, throughout California and the Pacific Northwest, to scrumptious moments hand-in-hand with AW through the streets of Scotland, oh the tales of travel.

Every moment of solitude under the stars taught me to relish my own company and honor my inner strength. Pulling my R-pod with Caoihme by my side, and challenging myself to continue this confidence journey are chapters I continue to write.

Each mile on the road, each flight, reaffirmed that my greatest journey is the ongoing voyage into self-acceptance. It’s deepened my self-understanding. These moments have taught me to reaffirm my faith that there is so much beauty in this world yet to be discovered. Both internally and externally.

The ebb and flow spent amidst nature, whether on a mountain peak or a misty ocean morning, whispered lessons of patience, growth, and unwavering self-worth.

Also, instances where I could reflect on one of my biggest roles, as a Mom and Step-Mom. Daily digging inward for strength as my daughter fights her biggest health battle to date.

Had I not opened myself to learn more, do more, and BE more I’d be somewhere else. I’d be someone else.

I would not have been able to accept and open myself up to a new love.


A Decade Behind Me: The Greatest Lesson Learnt

Strength in Vulnerability: My Unforeseen Armor

In the decade of 40 and dance of life, I’ve discovered that vulnerability isn’t the fragile state many perceive it to be; rather, it’s a profound strength.

Thank you my beautiful friends for teaching me just that.

It’s in those moments of raw openness that I found the courage to embrace my scars, learn from past mistakes, and genuinely connect with the world around me.

Vulnerability pushed me to share my stories, however painful, and in return, I was met with waves of compassion, love, and shared wisdom from countless souls!

It taught me that there’s power in letting our guard down, in showing our true selves, stretch marks and all!

This unforeseen armor, this strength in vulnerability, has been one of the most transformative realizations of my journey, giving me the freedom to be unabashedly, unapologetically me.

Shaken, not stirred.

Final Thoughts: Stepping into the Golden 50s with Gusto

So, as I step into day 1 of my 50th trip around the sun – I want to raise a toast to every scar, every tear, every laugh line, and every lesson the 40s have gifted me.

Here’s to the 50s – the next chapter I have manifested.

Until next time, keep your martini dirty, and your spirits high, and may your days be as kickass as Ariel’s last note in ‘Part of Your World!’

Cheers to new beginnings! 🍾

With all my love,


Adapting with the Ebb and Flow: Navigating Life’s Tides

The Ebb and Flow of Life: Adapting with Grace.

So, as the unpredictable challenges roll in like unannounced waves, let’s master the art of “ebb and flow.”

My Five Ways to Harness Positivity through an Ebb and Flow Mindset

1. Turn the Tide with Gratitude

Every day might not be a day at the beach, but there’s always a seashell of happiness hiding somewhere. Keeping a gratitude journal can shift your focus from the waves that knock you down to the ones that lift you up.

2. Dance in the Rain (or the Stormy Sea)

As the saying goes, life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, maybe even do the macarena as waves crash around you!

Embrace the unexpected and find joy in the dance.

3. Ride the Waves of Humor, and the Irony of it all

Laughter is like a lifeboat in a stormy sea!

Watch a comedy, chat with that witty friend who never fails to crack you up, or simply laugh at the irony of life!

Enjoy some of my favorite quotes:

“The irony of life is that those who wear masks often tell us more truths than those with open faces.” — Marie Lu

Remember, every wave has a crest and a trough – might as well chuckle at the ups and downs!

“Irony is just honesty with the volume cranked up.” — George Saunders

4. Anchor Yourself with Meditation

On choppy days, anchor yourself. Not literally – that’s a bit drastic. But a few minutes of meditation can keep you grounded when life gets turbulent. The ebb might pull you, but you’ll flow right back with resilience.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” — Lao Tzu

5. Build Sandcastles, Not Walls

When the tide comes in unexpectedly, do you build walls to keep it out, or sandcastles to celebrate its arrival?

I personally found the largest rocks possible and built fortresses. Now I arrive at the beach with a bucket and shovel!

Approach challenges creatively, see them as opportunities, and remember: sandcastles are way more Instagram-worthy!

Five Ways to Incorporate the Ebb and Flow Mindset Daily

1. Morning Mantras

Start your day by reminding yourself to go with the flow.

A simple mantra like “Today, I ride the waves” or something like, “Life’s waves don’t define me, how I ride them does,” You’d be shocked how speaking your mantra out loud can set the tone for a balanced day!

2. Flex Those Plans

Planning is great, but rigid plans are like a strict beach itinerary: no fun! Be flexible. When plans change, adapt and enjoy the new route.

Your appointment is canceled when you’ve driven an hour to get there – make the best of it -stop at a bookstore, grab a cup of joe, and enjoy some alone time.

3. Nature Walks for Perspective

Connect with nature. Whether it’s a beach, forest, or park, a brief walk can remind you of life’s natural rhythm and your place within it.

4. Breathe Through the Highs and Lows

Taking deep breaths during stress is like catching a breath between waves. It reminds you that you can handle the next one, and the one after that.

5. Celebrate Little Wins

Every time you navigate a challenge or ride a wave successfully, celebrate. Whether it’s a pat on the back or a treat (nacho cheese fries, anyone?), acknowledge your resilience!

My Final Musing Thoughts: 

The ebb and flow of life may bring seriously intense surprises, but with the right mindset, we can face them with grace, humor, and an ever-present positivity.

It’s up to us, and only us individually.

So, next time life feels like a riptide, remember to ride it out and enjoy the view from the crest.

After all, with every ebb, there’s always a flow waiting just around the corner. Surf’s up my beautiful friends! 🌊



Our Farmhouse Fusion: Merging Styles & Households

Finding Common Ground: A Mix of Minimalism, Old World, and Country Charm

Bridging these styles required plenty of compromise and open-mindedness.

Merging 30 +  years of separate households has been, in a word, INTENSE.

Mixing our individual tastes turned out to be both challenging and rewarding.

I started by decluttering. Keeping only the essentials that served a practical purpose. We had two of EVERYTHING!

Challenge No1? “Umm, your toaster or mine?” DOUBLE everything and then some.

But, appliance stylistic differences aside…this new home of mine is becoming a dream.

Though AW rivals my stubbornness and desire to be self-governing, he wants me to feel “home.”

So we started room by room to turn this house into a home for all of us.

I presented an idea; he beautifully executed it. Including a room my bonus daughter proudly named “The Lounge.”

The walls were smooth textured, and freshly painted. I added elements that blended seamlessly with our country surroundings and love of Scotland—some from my home.

Think clean earthy tones, reclaimed wood, thick shaggy area rugs, and of course, a large Highland Coo displayed proudly on a navy blue accent wall.

So proud of my husband for doing the heavy lifting and bringing my vision to life.

AW is a jack of all trades. Not a single contractor was hired. And now, our farmhouse feels like a cozy, approachable retreat.

Blending both our precious items and my love for minimalist design, my vision, and so much more.

Excited to continue this journey together, room by room.



Carve out time for yourself, thank me later.

Ladies (and gents,) I know life can be hectic, but it’s essential to hit the pause button and indulge in some “me time” now and then.

Trust me. Make it a priority. Make yourself a priority. Create new daily habits.

It’s not selfish—it’s self-care, and I know.

I am still working on this concept myself. 13-15 hour work days, yep, that’s me lately!

Since it’s been difficult lately to step away from the controlled chaos here at home, I decided it was time to snatch up some simple tools.

Tools, books, podcasts, etc., to remind me to slow down! (I will link below.) SIDE NOTE | Great Mother’s Day Ideas! 

In between the hustle and bustle, set aside some moments.

Set aside some moments, hours, or days! Recharge your batteries and get yourself the clarity you need. I’ve written before about how my emotional and physical health goes hand in hand.

Don’t you feel so insanely better after some breathing exercises or stepping onto the porch and soaking in the new day? Just start there before the house wakes.

Give it a try; some unfiltered solitude (me time.)

Light a candle, grab a book, and take a cozy bubble bath. Also, a ritual I am excited to get back to.

A solo dance party or simply enjoying your favorite book under an oak tree. Turn that phone off and tune the world out.

Heck, take an extra hour and sleep in! What a concept, right?

It’s imperative to focus on you.

Please don’t forget your mental and emotional well-being matters.

This is coming from the most sincere part of me. Please don’t neglect yourself!



The Goal – Minimizing clutter in my home studio to inspire creativity.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced creativity and inspiration
  • More time and energy to focus on your goals
  • Whether your home studio or your downtown skyrise, our offices can be chaotic!

    I used to get quickly get overwhelmed with packages, emails, client deadlines, and never-ending spreadsheets. Throw in an insanely active family with a million things on the calendar. Staying organized is a must. 

    Tips for Organizing Your Home Office to Boost Creativity

    As a freelancer or remote worker, your home office is your creative hub, your personal space for productivity, and your outlet for inspiration!

    A well-organized office can have a significant impact on your workflow, concentration, and, ultimately, your creativity.

    Here are some tips and resources on how to get you started.

    1. Clear the Clutter

    First and foremost, declutter your workspace. Get rid of anything that doesn’t have a purpose in your office. A cluttered desk can be a significant distraction and prevent you from focusing on your tasks.

    Be ruthless! Only keep the essentials.

    2. Optimize Your Layout

    Next, optimize your office layout for productivity. Position your desk and chair in the right spot, making sure to avoid glare and noise from the outside. I have two desks in my studio, one blissfully looking out onto glorious acreage where I can watch Caoihme and bask in the sun.

    Install proper lighting and add plants and artwork to enhance the ambiance. If you have the space, consider adding a standing desk or a comfortable armchair for when you need to change your posture.

    {My second desk/table is a high-top that will soon have an incline treadmill! } It’s perfect with my daughters wanting to get creative with me!

    3. Make Use of Storage

    The proper storage can make all the difference! 

    Again, only keep what you need

    Organize daily and weekly, and put out-of-site monthly paperwork. Not only will this help you find what you need quickly, but it will also save you time and so much frustration.

    I use clear folders for paperwork. I don’t have to dig through manila envelopes of hanging files for that one item that is illuding me. 

    Just recently, I went through some of my moving boxes full of trays, wicker, and rattan rounds, and I hit the JACKPOT! A little freshening up, and I have storage galore. 

    I store items together by category, and I label everything. I have baskets and canvas bags from IKEA, The Container Store, and Amazon. I personally love the look of different textures. 

    4. Personalize Your Space

    Lastly, personalize your home office to make it feel like your own. Mine studio loft feels like a cozy, warm Hot Toddy inspired by my home in Scotland.

    So surround yourself with items that inspire you.

    Mine is my flat in Scotland, and I am bringing a little bit home with me here in California.

    I’ve added motivational quotes, artwork, and photos.

    Add a comfortable rug, a cozy throw blanket, and a few more plants to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    Again, a well-designed and personalized space can help you feel more relaxed and focused. 

    So clear the clutter, clear your mind, and spark some inspiration! 

    You can find my curated list here: 

    Happy organizing! 

    {This post contains Affiliate Links}


    non physical compliments

    Thoughtful ways to express your love.

    Ahh, mindfulness, how I love thee. But what do thoughtful, non-physical compliments sound like?

    Often we go straight to compliments such as, “I like your new haircut.” “You look, hot babe!”

    And yes, it feels amazing that your loved one recognizes you this way! I mean dayum, who doesn’t want to feel desired by their partner?

    Have you ever used nonphysical compliments? Here’s what they look like.

    non physical compliments script font
    non physical compliments script font
    non physical compliments script font
    non physical compliments script font
    non physical compliments script font
    you make me laugh non physical compliments script font
    you are full of integrity non physical compliments idea
    I trust you non physical compliments ideas

    Do you use any of these? Do you have any to share?

    Later today I am excited to share some fun, sassy, and unique ideas. Looking for a refresh? How about a cozy night with your loved one?

    Chat soon!

    cursive alison signature

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    modern office macbook glasses iphone






    A Fresh Look

    These past few months, I have been contemplating a fresh look for my site. In the short 24 months SO much has transpired, so I thought “Why not?  New year, new goals, new intentions. 

    When I started this journey, I had absolutely no idea where it would end up. I thought, “Maybe no one will read it,” and “Wouldn’t it be great if someone did and it helped?”

    Almost two years to the day, I went “live” with my online journal.

    Then, BAM! Within months, thousands of loyal readers and enthusiastic followers. Oh, how I love you all!

    I never saw that coming, thank you. I still cannot believe verbal vomiting would resonate with so many of you. There is a little bit of my story in all of us!

    You laughed with me, cried with me, but most importantly you celebrated me.


    It has been such an honor to become an Ambassador for Intelligent Change and Amazon. We have so much in the works I am nearly drowning! But it’s all worth it because we are worth it. We are worthy of change. 

    I will be focusing so much more on helping you reach attainable goals through curated finds. Wellness advice, helpful tips for an organized life, and motivation to keep building a mindful lifestyle.


    woman putting on green hunter boots


    What are you taking with you into the new year?

    Your life can change in a year. I am proof.

    Edinburgh Scotland lifestyle and relationship ideas
    Photography – Gabby Flegg

    I will go first.

    2022 was, in a word, intense.

    From my very unexpected, whirlwind elopement, to almost losing my daughter to a lifelong illness – intense is an understatement.

    How I have survived the rollercoaster of such major highs and lows, I do not know.

    But this I do know heading into the next year:

    I am leaving – my last crumb of insecurity and self-doubt.

    The last crumb of insecurity I have felt most of my life and the self-doubt I would fester in at times.

    There is absolutely no room for either, bye-bye.

    I deserve this life I have worked so damn hard for, including accepting true and honest love.

    I am bringing – my boundaries, confidence, and intelligent change.

    Having the power to make decisions that serve me, honor me, and fulfill me is freaking glorious.

    I gave myself the power of intelligent change. Never have I felt so confident in the decisions I now make. Decisions are made now with boundaries, firm ones.

    Feeling the need for some solitude, I pack up and go. Wanting a trip with AW sans kids, we went.

    Your life can and will change.

    You just have to be brave enough and love yourself more.

    This next year, honor yourself more.

    Demand more from yourself.

    It takes an incredibly special product for me to agree to be an Ambassador.

    Lastly, a gift to myself every single year is a new journal.

    I cannot recommend this one enough, and what better time to begin anew than a New Year?

    The Best Year Journal from INTELLIGENT CHANGE

    Discount Code: ALISON10

    Enjoy and Happy New Year!

    2023 All Rights Reserved, Alison M. Cameron



    Waverly Station in Edinburgh Scotland Photography

    Love, Confidence, and Health. A trifecta you can master, I promise.

    But only after you heal yourself by honoring yourself.

    I haven’t written about the day AW and I eloped.

    Truthfully, I don’t know that I will. Every second of it is embedded in my mind as if it were yesterday.

    What I will tell you is this:

    We were full of love, confidence, and emotionally healthy when we decided to get married.

    It was worth the wait. I thought I knew what “healthy love” was, but I did not.

    It has never been more clear to me than it is now.

    Healthy love had to begin with me.

    Loving myself.

    Honoring myself.

    Cherishing myself.

    See where I am going with this?

    We are celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple.

    Finally, I am celebrating this marriage. A marriage I never saw coming.

    I am also finally celebrating me.

    I am celebrating that I, and I alone did the work to manifest this glorious life. A glorious life with this man.

    I am celebrating that I now live in complete and empowering clarity of my past experiences.

    I am celebrating that my life is mine to navigate, no one else’s.

    I am indeed right where I am supposed to be.

    What I wish for you, my beautiful, powerful readers and clients is this:

    Have faith in yourself.

    Have the courage to love and heal yourself.

    Have the clarity to believe in yourself.

    I absolutely believe in all of you ❤️

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

    With Caoihme sleeping beside me, I sit in a stone cottage on the Scottish Borders. AW is making a fire.

    I realize I could do this forever, I think I will.

    Wishing you the most beautiful of holidays my loyal readers.



    A VERY Scottish Christmas – Perthshire, Scotland

    Manifest it, I cannot say it enough. Remember that post?

    You can read it here → SELF CARE

    Wishing you the most beautiful of holidays!

    We will chat so very soon…

    Alison M Cameron Wellness blog

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    Solo Traveling the Pacific North West, Part 3.

    Hiking to Mussel Rock, Sue-meg State Park.

    {This post contains affiliate links}


    Officially have a MUST return location, Sue-meg State Park in Humboldt County, California.

    Caoihme and I stumbled upon this stunning trail while camping in Trinidad. As I have mentioned before, I prefer to just see what is out there.

    Hiking trails galore, and 3 very large campgrounds fill this California State Park.

    Five or so miles into our adventure, we found our first trail. The ocean air was getting stronger by the minute.

    The sound of waves crashing was getting louder.

    We descended our 7th or so set of shady “stairs,” and then BAM, Mussel Rock proudly appeared before us.


    Definitely wear your hiking boots! {LINK BELOW}

    The trail we took was the Pacific Rim. It was steep at times so you need true hiking shoes to keep steady. These are my absolute go-to’s when I am on unsteady ground like the slippery rocks we experienced!

    I have also been asked quite a bit about my “day pack!” I am obsessed with it as it comes with multiple deep pockets that keep my supplies safe.

    A few months ago I purchased it from NuPouch, and as a notoriously habitual loser of items it’s perfect.

    Helpful Tools!

    📍Mussel Rock, Sue-meg State Park. Humboldt County, California. 

    4150 Patrick’s Point Drive

    Trinidad, CA 95570

    ✨ Wish we had more time to explore! By far top 10 in our solo travels. Have you been?

    💡3 Campgrounds (including Group Sites)
    💡Hiking and Bicycle Trails
    💡Day Camping/Picnic Sites
    💡Group Picnic Sites
    💡Multiple Lookout Points
    💡Dogs Allowed, except on trails
    💡Whale, Seal, Sea Lion and Deer Sightings
    💡 Max Trailer Length 30 feet
    💡 Dry Camping – NO Hookups 

    ***@k9keeva is a certified service animal, therefore allowed on the trails. The integrity of our forests is something I take VERY seriously. As you see she NEVER leaves the path***

    Group Camping $300.00 & Up
    124 Sites – Abalone, Agate & Penn Creek 

    Alison M Cameron Wellness blog

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