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Love, Confidence, and Health. A trifecta you can master, I promise.

But only after you heal yourself by honoring yourself.

I haven’t written about the day AW and I eloped.

Truthfully, I don’t know that I will. Every second of it is embedded in my mind as if it were yesterday.

What I will tell you is this:

We were full of love, confidence, and emotionally healthy when we decided to get married.

It was worth the wait. I thought I knew what “healthy love” was, but I did not.

It has never been more clear to me than it is now.

Healthy love had to begin with me.

Loving myself.

Honoring myself.

Cherishing myself.

See where I am going with this?

We are celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple.

Finally, I am celebrating this marriage. A marriage I never saw coming.

I am also finally celebrating me.

I am celebrating that I, and I alone did the work to manifest this glorious life. A glorious life with this man.

I am celebrating that I now live in complete and empowering clarity of my past experiences.

I am celebrating that my life is mine to navigate, no one else’s.

I am indeed right where I am supposed to be.

What I wish for you, my beautiful, powerful readers and clients is this:

Have faith in yourself.

Have the courage to love and heal yourself.

Have the clarity to believe in yourself.

I absolutely believe in all of you ❤️

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

With Caoihme sleeping beside me, I sit in a stone cottage on the Scottish Borders. AW is making a fire.

I realize I could do this forever, I think I will.

Wishing you the most beautiful of holidays my loyal readers.


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