Hola Mexico & Mahalo Hawaii!

Traveling journeys and creating new memories.

WHAT a year it has been already. How is it August? As I mentioned in my last post I have been traveling, A LOT! Mostly because one of my best friends got married which meant packing bags, planning for the wedding and getting into the best shape possible!

A Beautiful Mexican Resort Bachelorette Celebration.

We all flew to a brand new all-inclusive in Mexico for some bachelorette fun, multiple trips to California wineries for “wedding planning.” Less than a month later off to Oahu, Hawaii for the most important trip of them all, when she officially became Mrs. Brown. I can’t truly describe how perfect it was. To say I was honored to stand beside her is an understatement.

These women are so full of love and kindness. All we wanted was to show LB how much we love her! I think we hit every single pool in the resort, bopped around town and then surprised her with reservations at her favorite restaurant. It was an incredible final night, followed up by a secret underground bar in San Jose Del Cabo!

Aloha! It’s wedding time.

We hijacked first class with our beautiful group and made our way to the island! Where a LOT more eating ensued!

The week went by and we hit the island running. Pool, long walks, catamaran ride, rehearsal & bbq. It was perfection.

Off to The Garden Island, Kauai.

The day after the wedding AW and I flew to my favorite island. The chaos of covid testing, the island opening and shutting at a moments notice, ZERO rental cars…it was chaotic to say the least.

Truthfully, I had been avoiding Kauai for a reason. I was married on the islands north shore in a stunning chapel that to this day I feel connected to. Having said that, I didn’t really know if it was “okay” to go back, especially with another man.

Though I love him to my core, I just wasn’t sure. I did a ton of soul searching and realized it was ridiculous. Why shouldn’t I share this magical place with him?

I actually surprised myself once we arrived. I didn’t feel my ex-husbands presence. It was just us. No haunting thoughts of regret, anxiety or sadness. I found myself feeling grateful that I was shown this magical place over 15 years ago. TRULY grateful. I knew I could make new memories, and they could be as beautiful as I let them while still keeping the past memories sacred.

Riding a harley davidson around the island of hawaii

Not a single car available to rent, so AW rented a Harley. What an absolutely incredible way to explore the island!

A few days into the trip we made our way up to Hanalei Bay and Tunnels Beach.

AW can’t stay out of the water, and a few hours of snorkeling I was ready to sit. I took the time to reflect on all that had happened over the past year. The ups and downs. The incredible excitement I felt about my life, my family and friends. I watched the clouds go by and reminded myself to keep growing. Keep filling my soul with travel, with my love & commitment to AW, to myself.

When we got home I hit the ground running! Back to San Diego to pick up my puppy (that journey coming soon!) Back to my workouts, wow I missed those, and back to writing and focusing on what fills my soul.

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