Being Physically Healthy is my key to being Emotionally Healthy.

“I cannot be emotionally healthy if I’m not physically healthy.

I whisper to myself when I don’t want to crawl out of bed at 5 am to workout!

I was planning on writing about my favorite tools that I use daily for my overall wellness. However, I realized I really do have quite the routine and I’d lose you two paragraphs in!

Therefore, I will limit today to my workout regimen in hopes you are looking for some opinions, personal insight, and recommendations.


Bolded below are links below and throughout to the products I am obsessed with.

Being outside around the property is not something I take for granted and it’s an incredible time for space.

When I encourage you through my writings to begin or continue the journey to self-care, that doesn’t just include the emotional and mental work.

For me, fitness, “diet” and personal accountability are the trifecta I strive to implement into my daily life. I cannot succeed and grow in self without all three.

First, let me begin with the present state of affairs.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks lately. I was in a fairly bad accident a few days after my birthday. Broken ribs, a fractured arm, torn muscles, and ligaments as well as some minor internal bleeding but I’m quickly on the mend.

Having given you a little background is frankly what lead me to finally write this post. I really believe I wouldn’t be healing so ahead of schedule had I not made my physical health a priority.

(Disclaimer: I am not a fitness expert, this is my personal experience)

So shall we? Again, this is what works and continues to work for me!

My 5 keys to wellness through physical activity.

1: Simply start, and get those steps in!

A walk with the pup, hike, or a leisurely bike ride through your neighborhood. Starting a physical regimen is really intimating. Getting started is even more intimidating! Start slow. Track your steps, you’d be shocked how little we move throughout the day.

(Tip) When shopping, running errands, etc…Pick the furthest car slot! Those steps add up!

2: Phone a friend for accountability

Last winter a group of my favorite women devoted themselves to getting whipped into shape!

The first thing I asked all of us to commit to was getting on the scale, taking a photo, and sending it to the group. “Oh, no way!” I think that was the first reaction!

But sure enough, we all did. Every week.

The encouragement, the love, and the push when one of us was in a slump were marvelous. And the successes even more so.

There is something amazing when you feel that type of support. Before we knew it, we were in Mexico and then Hawaii. And still, we worked out, went for walks on the beach, and made healthy decisions.

Oh and we drank those Mai Tai, Margaritas, and Mango-Tajin tequila shots! Depriving ourselves of being on vacation was not an option!

The point is, if you’re like me, accountability is where it’s at. I cannot encourage you enough to seek out someone that you know will push you to not give up on your goals.

(Tip) Download an app like MyFitnessPal and journal! There’s something about seeing your progress.

3: Vitamins, not supplements

Women in their 40's fitness

Oh, the crap we put in our bodies!

When I met the owner of Nubody, David Gorman, my health coach & fitness trainer, I think I was a bit cocky.

I have been physical my whole life. A daughter with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, so I “knew” nutrition and how insulin levels negatively affect our body.

Though I wasn’t looking for a “diet,” David went over my food journal and shook his head at me, and not in the positive.

What I didn’t know was I was supplementing my very boring and lackluster diet with protein shakes, the wrong BCAA’s and more nonsense that was doing me harm than good = stalling my progress.

“A healthy diet does not need to be supplemented, with supplements.” David Gorman

So I threw out the Premier Protein I’d been drinking for YEARS and switched to a plant-based protein he recommend. I added a D3+K2 (also plant-based) and could not believe how quickly my body responded! We stuck with my favorite daily vitamins and that’s it! I cannot recommend enough to get everything out of your diet that ends with “ose.”

(Tip) Avoid Sucralose & Maltodextrin in “sugar-free” drinks, soda, and coffee creamers to avoid insulin spikes.

4: Weights & Resistance Training vs High Intensity

I’ve been there. I’ve taken all of the classes throughout the years. Cross Fit, KAIA, and High-Intensity workouts, throwing tires across a parking lot is just not for me. Simply getting outside and getting my heart rate up sets the mood for my day!

Working out 3x’s a week with David using Terra-Core Balance, Resistance Bands, TRX and free weights has been life-changing. In between those days a quick HIIT program on my Peloton or a light jog, and boom, all done.

And here I sit today, in the best physical shape of my life. Minus the broken ribs of course.

(Tip) Dedicate yourself to a fitness regime that you REALLY look forward to every day!

5: The Scale Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story

I admit I sometimes still struggle with this concept. Everything we’ve heard is BMI and weight!

I had never been scanned for Skeletal Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat (VERY important) or Extracellular Water Analysis (a big term for water weight balance.) I tell you, once you see those numbers your “weight” means very little.

The point is this. The scale does not tell the whole story. On “paper” I lost a few pounds since January, but we did indeed replace it with muscle. I went from a size 8/10 to a 4/6, respectfully. And no, it’s not about the size, it’s about feeling better than I did in my 20’s and 30’s.

(Tip) Acquire a scale like In Body, it’s worth the investment!

I hope this was helpful! I’ve listed below what I use both at home and what I take on my travels! Some resistance bands, a mat, and my favorite workout gear are living in their own luggage always ready to go.

Good luck! If you have favorite tools you’d like to share please add them to the comments below!

Helpful Eating Tools

Glass Kitchen Scale Once you start using you will very quickly eyeball your go-tos!

Electric Whisk I use mine daily! I have 3!

Air Fryer I mean, what can I say? Life changing.

Veggie Spiral There is NO need for an expensive one! I switched out my pasta for zucchini noodles years ago.

Food Chopper Only if you want to save a TON of time!

Salad Spinner I am always shocked so many people don’t have one! Saves so much time!

Daily & Traveling

Refrigerator for my Jeep- This is definitely a splurge but we use it ALL the time. This thing is amazing! I throw my shakes, water, and snacks and it’s perfect for camping, the ocean, or the lake. Which we do often!

Daily Workout Shoes

Outdoor Shoes

Thermals Ocean, Camping, crisps mornings up in the foothills.

Heavy Duty Bands (Travel)

Fabric Bands (Home & Travel)

Dumbbells (Home)

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