New Series – Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday

I love Sundays. There are multiple reasons why but I have had the thought of doing a self-care Sunday for quite some time.

There are multiple topics I have written down that I will touch on. This is the first one I want to discuss, as it has been on my mind while writing my book.

So this last Sunday of November, I have this to ask – Are you waiting for someone to change? Is it preventing your growth?

green hunter boots woman writing in her journalI’ve discussed previously the need we have for an apology from the ones we love or loved.

When we wait for someone to change a behavior, we lose our self-control and power. So let us start there. To apologize is to self-reflect, no?


Don’t misunderstand. A true apology from someone is often all it takes. When it comes from a genuine place, of course, that’s important and can be a beautiful learning-in-love moment.

We all screw up; we all do and say things out of passion, anger, frustration, and fear.

It’s owning it, recognizing the hurt you may have inflicted, and then changing that behavior that truly matters.

Quit waiting on someone else’s inability to change or provide you with something for your life to improve.

When someone we love hurts us, and they don’t rectify the behavior or attempt to change it, we get stuck in self.

We often fall into an unhealthy headspace waiting for them to fix it because we love them.

But that is their job to the self-reflection on their behaviors. That is their job to make changes should they want to. Not yours.

Waiting for someone to self-reflect on their actions is not serving you. It is holding you back.

Stay on your journey and stay on your path.

Your life will not improve if you cannot explore what in your history has prevented you from growing. Are you growing if you’re repeating history? Are you living in a revolving door of insecurities that you are allowing yourself to be mistreated? Do you see how this all ties together?

My hope for you is to keep working on self-awareness and self-respect. Ask yourself if the people in your life have the ability to grow with you.

If not, should they be in your present and future? Take accountability for your own life and realize it’s not about what they have done. It’s what you are allowing them to do.

Care for yourself. Love yourself.

Sit in self this Sunday, and let me remind you that you deserve an absolutely beautiful life. Continue to build it, my friends, unapologetically.





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