Keys to a healthy relationship.

Having accountability, empathy, respect and cooperation in your relationships is key.

So let’s start with your MUSTS for a healthy relationship.

Self-love demands these for a successful you, a self-loving you.

Often times we are so in love with the idea of love that we don’t take the time to really get to know someone.

Do they have honor and integrity? How do they show up in a relationship?

Honor yourself by looking for these attributes and above all else work, make sure you work on showing up the same way.

Focus on these daily.

Accountability – Does your partner own their mistakes and missteps? Can they apologize and reflect on their actions?

Boundaries – Is your individuality supported? Does your partner respect your individuality and space? Is your time together respected?

Empathy – Is there self awareness for others feelings? Is there compassion?

Cooperation – Do you have open communication? Is there a common respect to listen to each other and work together. Do you share ideas?

Choice – The decision to choose each other above all else. To commit to love, respect and integrity within your relationship. Do they choose to honor your commitment every single day?

Respect – Can you share your feelings freely? Express your hopes, dreams, ambitions and needs without fear of rejection or ridicule? Can you agree to disagree?

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