Sunday’s Mindset Reset and Melancholy Musings

Working on healing and learning to slow down.

My morning routine consists of grabbing the pups and walking the property before anyone wakes. It’s the perfect time for me to think, to breathe and to self reflect while I exercise their morning legs.

I counted almost a dozen deer noshing away on the trail and too many rabbits to count on this crisp October day.

But today in particular while I was on our little jaunt, I was feeling a bit drab. Ok, a lot drab and incredibly restless.

I began my process of mentally digging in to try and figure it out.

What could I possibly complain about? There I was walking this incredible property, breathing in the sunset views with a hot cup of java in hand.

I am in a beautiful relationship full of integrity and honor, my beautiful pups, two lovely bonus kids on top of my two. There are incredibly supportive friends in my life. The list goes on…

What I think is happening. I need to learn to sit still more often, and be okay with it.

Being stagnant is not for me. Why can’t I just be static?

As I mentioned last week, I’m dealing with some broken ribs and now a breakthrough case of Covid.

So thank the Lord for these fur babies and 10 acres to roam because being locked down has been difficult. I like routine and this is definitely not routine.

Not being able to jump in my car and visit friends and family, my office, walk into a restaurant for brunch & a mimosa…simple pleasures.

So this melancholy is clearly related to my insistent need to have a routine.

Usually of which entails a non-stop on the go life. Throw in not being able to workout with my trainer and it’s a perfect storm to mess with my mental health.

All of this beauty at my fingertips yet I find it challenging to not be still in thought sometimes.

Time for a Mindset Reset

I was never one to use affirmations in my life, but now it’s daily for me. As someone who was very hard on herself (and still can be) throughout my life, I really rely on this empowering tool.

Daily affirmations open up my intuition and quiets my fears.

Today I decided to go straight for this reset technique and I kept it simple.

I narrowed it down to how I was feeling and affirmed: “I am physically stronger than I’ve ever been. I will be back to my routine in a few days because this is only temporary.

Look at all of the alone time you’ve gotten with your love.”

I felt so much better.

I stopped by to see the goats then proceeded to the house and harass AW, a routine that I haven’t had to give up.

Happy Sunday Friends!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Mindset Reset and Melancholy Musings

  1. I am so glad we’ve connected. 🙂 You have a great blog. I hope you are feeling better soon (and healed)! Sometimes when our routine is knocked off kilter, we have to stop (as you’re doing) and just be present to see what’s going on, what we need to dig in deeper on and clear away. Perhaps life is giving you that time to just be, think, and choose…just a thought…hope you have a lovely week ahead. Love the animals and your beautiful place!