“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experiences.“– Paulo Coelho

Photo of jeep and rpod 190 camping

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My journey continues and it’s so beautiful and full of new adventures. Also one of the many reasons it’s been crickets here on my blog.

Remember me encouraging those solo travels? You can read that HERE if you wish!

I pulled the trigger and bought my dream camper!

So, traveling has been often and vast.

A.W. and I had been looking for what felt like forever.

Back and forth from a Toy Hauler 5th Wheel to my dream camper the R-Pod 190 which has illuded my grasp for years!

As luck would have it while on a late winter Harley ride…boom!

There she was being dropped off at a dealer we were passing (insert yelling via Bluetooth through my helmet.)

Within days I had finished decorating in my favorite styles, textures, and colors.

After loading up my amazing camper with all my gear, Caoihme and I were on our way.

(With my favorite Travel Guide – Open Road by my side of course!)

We began by trekking down the Pacific Coast Hwy. The following week, down the I-5 to Southern California. Then Lake Tahoe, and so many new finds I hope to share.

Thank God A.W. walked me through the endless gadgets, hoses, etc because it’s A LOT! I am still making rookie moves (yikes!)

This girl can never get enough of the ocean. Relaxing and watching my bonus daughter surf in Pacifica, California.

Solo Traveling, I truly cannot get enough.

I get asked fairly often how am I so comfortable solo traveling. People really do think I’m crazy!

First, Caoihme is a trained service dog and protects me with her life. She and I train with Dustin Winn in Southern California as much as possible. So I am not “fearful” being she is so alert and observant when I am not!

Second, I cannot live in fear. It’s just not in my DNA.

Traveling alone is how I continue to explore my thoughts, dig a little deeper, and sit in self.

Pushing myself to do things alone is something I had to truly master. There have only been positive outcomes!

And when Caoihme and I miss AW he seems to track us down just fine❤️.

So get out and just go. I promise you won’t regret it.


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