I’ve spent the first month of 2022 simply enjoying the prospects of the New Year!

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Happy Thursday!

I’ve indeed spent the first month of 2022 simply enjoying the prospects of the New Year!

As I look back and reflect on 2021, more specifically the creation of this website, I sit in so much gratitude.

Guiding and helping you navigate your own journey has continued to inspire me. I can’t quite articulate how intensely it has helped ME in my dedication to wellness.

I began this website for all of us.

When I went live with my site in 2021 I was determined to open up about my traumas. I was so damn scared. But it has helped me triumph. This website is for all of us and has become something so much bigger than me. Turning my trauma into triumph…I like how that sounds!

Finding love again, finding honesty and integrity in both love and friendship is quite truthfully something I feared would not happen. I feared that the betrayals I experienced left me so scarred I would simply settle on a solo life surrounded by people I could never trust. I was resigned to it frankly. But here I sit surrounded by devotion and that fills my heart and soul daily.

Clearing out 2021 and making room for 2022 personally and professionally.

I am also grateful for all that 2021 brought to my personal and professional life.

Creating this site, signing a book deal as well as starting a business with my daughter, wow, so much has happened.

Finding the strength to get out of my own way and clear out the “ick” in my life.

Last year I changed mental daily habits. I changed diet and exercise. I live a healthier life both physically and emotionally, I now have the power to clean house of what does not serve my happiness.

Caoihme came into my life like a tornado! Going down to Southern California for her to train with Dustin Winn, well it doesn’t get much better than that.

She has become my protective side kick, travel buddy and loves adventure probably more than I do. This girl will do absolutely anything I ask of her, including multiple plane rides.

And of course the fun stuff, it was a pretty amazing year! Multiple trips to the Hawaiian Islands, Lake Tahoe, Mexico, and of course the ocean both with AW and alone.

Though I miss my U.K. home and life there terribly, I know in just a few short weeks I’ll be crossing the pond with Caoihme ✈️

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My hope is you reflect on life’s teachings over the past 12 months and implement them into your wellness path. I know I will be. Sometimes it takes months or years to truly see things clearly.

I welcome new lessons with open mind, eyes and a very open heart to accept what comes my way. It’s going to be a huge year for myself and my family.

A huge THANK YOU to all of my readers, clients and subscribers. Happy New Year! ✨

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