Eckhart Tolle knows what he’s taking about.

This could be no more true than it is today. And I am so grateful.


But it was definitely not always how I felt.

Like most of you that read this site, at one point EVERYTHING felt “present.”

I felt stuck in myself, only living in the past. Because it was the only way I felt I could understand it.

When you are dealing with loss, trauma, betrayal, death…any major unexpected change, it feels as if life will never start moving forward.

The “past” felt as if it would always be my “present.”

Pacific coast highway traveling photo
As always, traveling is my healing space. I remember this moment so clearly. I took the deepest breath.

I know how hard it is to have a heavy heart. To feel like the tightrope you’re walking is going to snap beneath you, that you will be walking that rope forever trying to not fall off of it.

When I stopped trying to understand, when I stopped trying to make sense of it when I finally CLEANED HOUSE of toxic people, I began to live in my present and my past no longer mattered.

One day it will all make sense. I am living in the “why.”

There may not be a “why,” but there will be a “this is why.”

One day it will all make sense. Your heart will not only heal it will soar higher than you ever thought possible.

You are stronger than you think. You’re closer than you think. You’re healing. The past does not control you. It does not identify you. It does not have permission to keep you.

You will love and be loved greater, healthier, and more intensely like you never believed possible.

AW is my why. This incredible life is my why. You won’t know your why until it wraps its arms around you with so much security, passion, and integrity. Then I implore you to lean into it. You deserve it.

“The past has no power over the present.” Say it, over and over and over again if you have to.

Happy Beautiful Saturday to you all. You got this. I am proof.

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