This a much-delayed update, indeed.

It’s been a while! For so many reasons: One being I have been gleefully traveling the world again!

Two, The Lost Itinerary Clothing Co. is going bonkers! More below.

Three, finishing up my book while at my second home in Scotland was always the plan. When I arrived back home to the UK I realized I much preferred to be PRESENT with A.W. and my amazing bonus son 🤎!

Book update coming this coming week! SO excited!

Sold out of our WANDERLUSTING T in just a few short days and finally restocked: You can PURCHASE HERE ➡ Wanderlusting T-Shirt

Our Travel Inspired Clothing Line – The Lost Itinerary Clothing Co.

My daughter and I began this sweet, simple, yet very personal travel-inspired clothing line. Our target consumer? The wanderlust crowd, of course!

Classic White T’s, Crew, and Hooded Sweatshirts, we are so in love with all we have created!


Obsessive Wanderlust Disorder

It is real, is it not?

I am definitely obsessive about wandering the planet, and I am so incredibly blessed to be able to.

Sitting on the beaches of the Pacific Coast Highway, hiking the Sierra Nevada Mountains, or simply bumming it around a bonfire, we hope you are cozy while doing so.

So much more to come! I promise it is so good 📍


Handmade for the wandering crowd clothing line small business california
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