Self Care Sunday – Travel Alone

Dreaming and planning my 2022 travels, which will, of course, include the ocean.


Oh, 2021, how intense you have been, but that didn’t temper my wanderlust.

I’ve talked a ton about my obsession with travel. So for this Self Care Sunday entry, I thought I’d merge the two! 

Traveling solo (now with Caoihme) is my greatest gift to myself.

My wanderlust has not faded, in the least.

The first solo trip during my journey to wellness was an international jaunt across the pond.

I was reminded today of the glorious, freeing, educational experience it was. 

Self Care for me is sometimes being alone.

Have you tried traveling for wellness? Of course, there are simple yet fantastic local travels at my fingertips in the US and UK; I don’t take that for granted.

Currently, here in Northern California, I am so fortunate to throw the pup in the Jeep, grab a book & snacks in a bag, and we’re off.

I can’t count how many trips she and I have taken, just the two of us.

What has been consistent is how freeing it is. I have fueled my brain through silence. And fueled my body through activities I must do alone, like setting up and breaking down camp.

I have also fueled my desire to continue sitting in silence. Exploring what this life still has to offer. I cannot do that surrounded by noise.

Book that flight or jump in that car.

Think about getting out of your comfort zone and taking a flight. Go for it. 

Jump in your car. Don’t be codependent on your partner, and do everything with them.

Yes, it’s so very beautiful to experience traveling this world with those you love. It’s equally glorious (for me at least) to head on out and just land somewhere….preferably with an ocean view!


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