Solo Traveling Part 2, Dog-Friendly Beaches on the Pacific North Coast.

California and Oregon Beaches and where you can bring your fur babies.

First feature, McVay Rock State Park. Dog- friendly beaches for the solo female traveler.

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McVay State Beach, Oregon.

As you know, Caoihme goes literally everywhere with me.

She is my protector. She is my travel partner. She is everything to me, and I never leave her behind.

Having said that, when we hit the road in our Forest River R-Pod, discovering new campsites and beaches was a priority.

Since Caoihme is a certified service dog, we have full access both locally and nationally. But we are not the norm.

I have met so many full-time travelers along the way, and 9 times out of 10 they have their dogs!

One of the goals of this road trip was to discover dog-friendly beaches.

I was taught an incredible tip from a Forest Ranger we befriended at Castle Crag.

You see, California and Oregon Coast beaches rarely allow dogs ON the beach. However, a mile south or north of a state park does. When she told me I was so shocked!

So if a State Park includes a beach, you are allowed on the outskirts of that park with your pup!

This is not something widely shared.

We tested the theory when we cut across to the Oregon Coast.

I looked up state parks that included beaches and McVay Rock was on the map.

Even better there was a parking lot, few people, and a gorgeous black sand/rock-ish beach.

It was perfect for stretching out Caoihme’s legs. Even more perfect was how quiet it was, clearly not a place people knew much about.

Make sure you have shoes that grip!

A simple trail down the hill dropped you to the beach. However, it was steep and unsteady so be sure to wear good shoes. For some reason, I was wearing my chucks.

And yes, I paid for it, OUCH!
The crashing of the waves is forever my favorite sound.

Also decided to start a youtube channel to bring you more to-life sounds and inspiration. I will do my best to upload as much as possible!

I highly recommend you visit on your travels.

Helpful Information:

📍McVay Rock State Park

98600 Seahorse Ln
Brookings, OR 97415
United States

Day Fee: FREE

Frisbee and Golf Area; 9 Holes.

Enclosed Dog Park

Parking Area (Free)

Lodging: 2021 Rpod 190 Camper

Equipment Used: RYOBI 2300 Blutooth Gas Generator

Nearby State Park for Camping: Alfred Loeb State Park

The journey continues…


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