SOLO TRAVELING – The Pacific North Coast

Solo Traveling; The Pacific North Coast

I will definitely document my trip details and share my new favorite discoveries.

But so far, my new favorite discovery is how far I have come.

I love to wander with no plan.

I love to solo travel, with Caoihme. The ocean specifically has always been my calming place.

Having no plan, no timeline, and no itinerary has been insanely empowering. I turn 49 years young this month, and I have never felt more alive.

5 years ago, I was struggling with the reality that my life was never going to look the same.

While that’s true, this now life, this version of me, and the life I have created, is so damn glorious.

I realized I had done it by myself. This is my upgraded and beautiful new canvas.

5 years ago I could never have done this. This was not a reality available to me. I never put myself first in the past.

But now? So in love with this life.

I love that I am hooking up my R-Pod by myself. And the “oh shit!” mistakes that I make.

I love hiking, spelunking, and sleeping inside my camper, not knowing where the next location will be.

My legs are sore from setting up and breaking down camp. And my fingernails are usually broken, my hair in knots. I love that too.

I love that I don’t wear makeup.

I love that I married a man who understands this insatiable desire to keep growing in self. A marriage that thrives on independence, not codependency.

I love that my family understands I need this solitude for my wellness.

Lastly, I love that I’m becoming someone who was always a part of me but wasn’t in the right environment to bloom.

I love that my past life has no room in the current one.

Be well, my beautiful friends, and Happy Labor Day.

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