After packing up the RPod and my pup, I hit the road with no plan.

I knew I wanted to finally explore some of California’s beautiful offerings and finish the last few chapters of my book. First stop, Castle Crag.

When Caiohme and I left home, one of the goals was to escape the blistering heat. The Sacramento Valley as been insanely uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen our first couple of nights.

As we trekked North up Interstate 5 I realized I had made my first mistake.

I had not checked the weather.

Yep! Castella, California, was in the upper 90’s℉ and climbing. “Damnitjim!”

Another goal was to hike Castle Crag Dome via Craigs Trail.

Despite the heat, I knew it was going to be worth it.


Castle Crag had been on my Travel Listography for years!

Ten miles south of the insanely popular Mount Shasta lies the stunning granite formations. Castle Crag is over 170 million years old.

We arrived after a 6 or so hour drive. I made my way around the entire campground and chose a site on the Upper Loop. Nice and quiet.

The first thing I noticed was the grounds are very clean. The host is incredibly friendly. The location is fantastic.

Each site had a fire ring, picnic table, and asphalt pad.

The crags themselves reminded me of Scotland. Other than the obvious difference in temperature, these crests before me had a Man of Storr spirit about them.

As I stared at the beauty, I reminisced about that intense climb. Crazy it was just a few short months ago on the Isle of Skye.

(Quick Tip: when you check into a site, ask the Ranger where they would stay if they were a visitor!)

Caoihme and I settled in and waited for the temp to drop.

I fired up my generator (thanks AW!) and cooled down the Rpod.

Caoihme and I took off on our first walkabout to Vista Point to stretch our legs. I also wanted to check out the terrain at the bottom of the Castle Dome.

After a much-needed night’s rest, we hit the trail right before dawn.

If you believe AllTrails, an app I love to find hikes, Craigs Trail to Castle Dome is rated as “hard.”

This particular trail was a solid 6 miles round trip, truthfully, due to extra wandering.

However, I did not find it strenuous at all. The final mile to the dome was a bit slippery due to the crushed rock. That was definitely noted.

I would guess the rating is due to the elevation climb. Living in Lake Tahoe elevation definitely has my lungs healthy!

The trail climbs 2,000ft in elevation during the 2.5 miles. Definitely not for everyone.

For me, it was absolutely worth it.

The 360 views were breathtaking. Even more so was the experience of staying at Castle Crag State Park.

(Quick Tip: Avoid a congested trail and heat, leave at dawn. Don’t forget the bug spray!)

48 Hours later, we headed north. Still no plan.

After a ton of “adventuring,” as my bonus son would say, I packed up and headed back up on Interstate 5 North towards the Oregon border.

Had no idea where we were going, but that has been the best part!

No itinerary and no plan.

Interested in staying at a State Park?

Use this link: RESERVE CALIFORNIA if you are booking more than 48 hours out.

(Quick Tip: If you are booking “day of,” the Reserve California website will say they are fully booked. Call the park number; they are incredibly helpful)

Helpful Information:

Castle Crag Campground is only dry camping (no water or electrical hook-ups.) Full bathrooms and showers are available for overnight campers.

Camping Fee: $36.00 per night

Day Fee: $8.00

Lodging: 2021 Rpod 190 Camper

Equipment Used: RYOBI 2300 Blutooth Gas Generator

Nearby State Park: McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial SP

The journey continues….

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