What are you taking with you into the new year?

Your life can change in a year. I am proof.

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I will go first.

2022 was, in a word, intense.

From my very unexpected, whirlwind elopement, to almost losing my daughter to a lifelong illness – intense is an understatement.

How I have survived the rollercoaster of such major highs and lows, I do not know.

But this I do know heading into the next year:

I am leaving – my last crumb of insecurity and self-doubt.

The last crumb of insecurity I have felt most of my life and the self-doubt I would fester in at times.

There is absolutely no room for either, bye-bye.

I deserve this life I have worked so damn hard for, including accepting true and honest love.

I am bringing – my boundaries, confidence, and intelligent change.

Having the power to make decisions that serve me, honor me, and fulfill me is freaking glorious.

I gave myself the power of intelligent change. Never have I felt so confident in the decisions I now make. Decisions are made now with boundaries, firm ones.

Feeling the need for some solitude, I pack up and go. Wanting a trip with AW sans kids, we went.

Your life can and will change.

You just have to be brave enough and love yourself more.

This next year, honor yourself more.

Demand more from yourself.

It takes an incredibly special product for me to agree to be an Ambassador.

Lastly, a gift to myself every single year is a new journal.

I cannot recommend this one enough, and what better time to begin anew than a New Year?

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Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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